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“Give Jason 28 Days and He’ll Give You Back Your Life”

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Off the back of his groundbreaking and critically acclaimed film, ‘Super Juice Me! The Big Juice Experiment’, comes Jason Vale’s most comprehensive juice program to date. In the film you will find out what happens when you put 8 people with 22 different health conditions on nothing but freshly extracted juice for 28-Days.

The results at the end of the Super Juice Me! Big Juice Experiment were nothing short of remarkable, with every person experiencing positive changes to their health conditions: one person even lost 38lbs in just those 28 days. Jason Vale’s ‘Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan’ comes off the back of those incredible results and has been specifically designed for those who need to lose a lot of weight and/or who need to make considerable changes to their health.

What’s In The Book:

The Full Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan

As featured in the ground-breaking documentary Super Juice Me! The Big Juice Experiment‘, the 28-day plan has been transforming people‘s health all across the world.

Super Juice Me! 28-Day Journal To Track Your Progress

Keep inspired to see through the full 28 days by tracking your progress – whether you‘re juicing for weight loss or to tackle health issues.

The Right Psychology For Success

The key to a success 28-Day Juice Plan is getting into the right mindset – Jason tells you how to get into the right head-space for this life changing 28 days.

PLUS! Why Medical Drugs Aren’t Always The Answer
Exactly What To Do After You’ve Been ‘Super Juiced!’
Full Q & A Section
Full Shopping List
…And Much More…

Here‘s what people are saying about the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan

“100lbs Down, No Swelling In My Legs, All Fungi Gone, Cholesterol Normal And No More Migraines!“

“I have definitely Super Juiced myself! My list of improvements are endless from energy, mental clarity, normal blood pressure, cholesterol – all thanks to juicing.”

Chris Stewart

“50.7lbs Lost And I Feel So Energized And Healthy“

“Who wouldn’t want to try this? It’s the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight.”

Aliya Kassam

“Juicing Gave Me A Second Chance.. I Lost 270 Pounds“

“Juicing has done so much for me.”

Kitten Barbosa

“Thanks to juicing no longer have ******“

“Today, thanks to juicing, I am 105lbs lighter, no longer have ******, go to the gym at least 3 day a week, cycle 20 miles a week and walk my dog 2-4 miles every day.”

Anthony Jones

“I cannot emphasise the change this diet has had on me.. The complete expulsion of all processed foods, meat, fizzy drink, etc and replacing it with raw fruits and vegetables is brilliant … I never found it hard due to the fantastic recipes and Jason is there all the way…”
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“More energy, no more ******, sleeping better and overall 35lbs gone – not bad at 80 years of age! My doctor told me that I have saved the NHS thousands of pound as I didn’t need the knee re- placement – all thanks to juicing. I used to have lots of chest ****** or ********, but I haven’t had even a sniffley cold for over 18 month.”
Pauline Doran

“Thanks to juicing I have cured my ********
Since I have Super Juiced! myself I am celebrating one of the happiest days of my life. I feel I have been given a second chance.”
Jason Levy

“I’ve lost 123lbs, stopped smoking and think so much more clearly, I now crave fresh healthy raw vegetables and salads.”
Brendan Turner

“100lbs lighter – I have been Super Juiced!

I turned 50 this year and I feel like I am in my twenties. All my friends and family now juice thanks to Jason.”
Andrew Tubbs

“105lbs lost and I have sooo much more confidence in myself. The best change since juicing is he energy I have from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed.”
Jason Bray