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“a ‘must see’. So inspiring, a real eye-opener”

Alesha Dixon

Super Juice Me! The Film


Follow the journey with Jason Vale as he took eight people who collectively suffered from 22 different lifestyle diseases and put them on his ‘Juice Only’ diet for 28 days. Includes 4 Recipes from the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan!

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“I just loved the way the faces of the 8 people changed over the 28 days. The smiles and the happiness just shone through. Truly amazing” – Helen Jane Morley

“Amazing movie, such an eye opener.” – Tracie Costello

“Loved every second. Very professionally made, a good spectrum of the general public and didn’t shy away from being real enough to show how hard it can be transitioning from junk to just juice. On day 1 of 7 days 7lbs and it’s in the back of my mind keeping me going. Hooray for all of you doing juicing and preaching the goodness!!” – Jackie Muscat

“Fantastic results, really interesting and inspiring. Definitely glad I watched it and have shared with everyone I know.” – Clare Hawes

“I was so energised because of this documentary! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” – Tracy Cappetto Ragsdale

“Great film! Wish I could get everyone I know to watch it. I lost my Dad recently and it’s heartbreaking to know that he could still be with us if he had known the power of good nutrition. You’re saving so many people. It truly is amazing.” – Liz Kennedy

“Just watched Super Juice Me! – incredible documentary – what an amazing and inspirational story. Absolutely blown away!”

Andy Brown (Lawson)

“Just finished watching Super Juice Me!, and WOW, just the kick up the butt that I needed to get my life back in order, after loosing 77lbs over the last 9 months seem to have hit a brick wall these last few weeks, still juicing but also clean eating, would love to get my head back into the zone, this is what I needed and seeing a local on there was fab.” – Chantelle Harris

“Watched it a few nights ago and shared it with everyone. Well done it was certainly thought provoking and I am sure it will change many peoples lives for the better.” – Rachel Branson

“A Fantastic film. My husband and I watched it yesterday. Sharing it with friends and family. It shows that we need to take responsibility for our own health and well being. I was also impressed that the people stuck it out. Very inspirational. I am going to watch it again. Thank you Jason Vale for making this film available for so many people to see, especially people who need to see it.” – Shirley Bly

“Just watched this film! Incredible, I am a huge convert to juicing! Thanks Jason.” – Tom Selby Edge

“After watching the film it made me realise something – I’m taking pills for acne and I don’t even know how they work or what they do to my body! Like it says in the film – nature should be a priority and medication a second resort… Going to continue my juices and hopefully….” – Charley Smith

“LOVED IT!!! I was so moved by the stories and journeys of the people on the 28 days and listening to Jason and the other speaker only added to my personal views and education all the more, AMAZING!! Its come just at the right time for me and I’m planning on starting a juice week so might go for the 28 days now!!! Thank you Jason your amazing!!!” – Paris Knight

“Back to basics… Common sense… Trying my best to turn my eating habits around and my children’s… Loved the film!” – Sonya Rowbotham

“Fantastic movie, I’m still buzzing with excitement! Totally inspiring! End of last year I decided I was going to cut right down on taking supplements in tablet form, one because of expense and two I wanted to start getting my nutrients the natural way, I started making green smoothies, then a few weeks ago I got my first juicer! Next mission is to head to one of Jason’s retreats, to become more educated! Well done to all that took part in the movie, great work Jason and team!” – Joanne Lee

“It was wonderful. I clapped, I cheered, I shed a few tears.”

Beverley Knight

“One of the most inspiring, hope – overflowing and motivating things I have ever seen!” – Sandy Willoughby

“Just watched Super Juice Me – The Experiment! So inspirational and amazing to see people with chronic conditions being cured or reducing medication with the pureness of raw vegetable and fruit juices. My partner and I swear by juicing and try and juice daily. After watching that documentary it certainly gives your the urgency to KEEP GOING!” – Julia Hill

“It’s amazing, thank you Jason. I’ve been struggling to take control of my health, having found juicing useful in the past, and it’s just the inspiration I needed!” – Missy Moonflower

“Love, love, loved the Film and spreading the word everywhere I can. Big blush to actually see myself on screen (lol—ah!) Then just SO so so so incredibly honoured and humbled to be a part of something truly this amazing. Absolutely: Life changing. Thank you Jason—and team!!!!!! Happy Days!” – Laura Jensen

“Just watched it….loved it. It’s quite sad though that something so natural and simple is such a revelation today.” – Caroline Christie

“Such an inspiring film, moving, motivating & funny”

Sarah Harding

“Amazing film, watched it with my mum on Sunday It was soooo fantastic to hear about the EPIC progress made by everyone! This should be mandatory viewing for all healthcare professionals.” – Kirsten Thompson

“A friend hosted a watch party tonight to celebrate her 42nd birthday. Eighteen adults and four children watched the documentary and then discussed what we thought after the show. It was awesome!” – Amanda Stewart

“What a fantastic film, juicing is definitely the way forward in beating the health crisis. Keep up the great work in sharing these amazing stories.” – Zingology